Ricardo Carrillo

The tall kneeling shoulder press is an exercise I like to use in order to bring my client's attention to their midsection during an overhead press. • In @eriebird case, through her assessment, I identified that she had some difficulty bracing her core during overhead pressing exercises. With that information in hand, I started her on a progression scheme that has taken her from seated landmine presses to seated DB presses to half kneeling landmine presses to half kneeling DB presses to tall kneeling DB presses and then on to full standing presses. I've also been having her do planks and side planks to cap-off her training sessions in order to bolster her core strength and stability. • This is one of the many reasons why I love individualized training. Having their own training program let's the clients shore-up their weaknesses instead of doing a group class which may or may not be focused on what they actually need to work on. Ask yourself: WHY DO YOU GO TO THE GYM? Chances are that your answer is going to be to reach your fitness goals, whether it be losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing strength, improving endurance, etc. Each of us has different goals, strengths, weaknesses and skills because we are all individuals. If this is true, then why would you do a generic, cookie cutter program instead of one that is tailor-made for you? Food for thought... • Music: Point Blank Musician: Not The King. 👑 💪😉 #formula5fitnessandconditioning #F5FC #fitness #conditioning #lifestyle #morethanjustagym #becomingabetterversionofyourself #weareinthebusinessofresults #weightloss #fatloss #musclegain #personaltraining #onlinepersonaltraining #individualizedtraining #onlinecoaching #hamdenct #northhavenct #newhavenct #westhavenct #easthavenct #northbranfordct #bethanyct #cheshirect #wallingfordct #branfordct #connecticut #USA


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