Alexis Ren

make your mind the most beautiful thing about you


I just love flowers. That is all

one of my goals is to help create a world where people can connect deeply and live without fear of rejection. Where we can connect from authenticity, not insecurities, and It’s not what can I take from this person, but rather what can I do for this person. (Btw I posted a new IGTV)

have you ever looked at someone and hope they stay in your life forever

Happy Mother’s Day from my family to yours. We miss you mommy, and we’re so proud to be from you. I hope wherever you are you are shining as bright as the way you shine in our hearts.

your assumptions and judgements hurt. I am trying to figure out life just as much as you. I’ve spent years learning about mental health, connection, and the human experience because I was so tired of letting the external world affect my inner world. having millions of people tell me who they think I am as I try and figure out who I really am..It sucks, and I cry, and I try to be better but it never matters. Even when I know the hate is simply a projection and it has nothing to do with still hurts. I try not to look, but things pop up when I’m least expecting it. I feel it. I feel it all and yes I would much rather feel everything than feel numb to the world, but with that comes a lot of pain. I ask you to please think before you say something negative about someone you don’t know. We are all doing the best we can. When I get called a whore, stupid, slut, only good for her looks- I feel it in my heart, just like any of you would. We’ve all been in the position of being put down, so we can all relate when I say that it sucks no matter how strong you are.

we’re very excited 🐻

I can’t wait to look back on these days in 15 years and joke about all the memories

come find me

A lil shout out to @sonyadakar x not only has she become someone I adore but she’s also blessed my skin. If you scroll you’ll find me ranting about my favorite moisturizer. Okay. Love you bye.

It was 6 am and I couldn’t sleep

how beautiful it is to realize that you are the girl you’ve always wanted to be

The end.