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Tune in for a Live interview with IPF president Mr. Gaston Parage @ipfpresident at 3:30PM (Sweden Time) The discussion will be around the future of Powerlifting. If you have any questions about the growth or the direction of the Sport Mr. Parage will answer you Live! #IPF #Powerlifting #TrainSmart

Get a front row seat tomorrow with IPF commentator and APLYFT coach Gary Williams @williams_powerlifting by following our stories. *Gary is a coach for the Belarus Powerlifting Federation and the Australian Powerlifting Union* #TrainSmart #IPF

Follow our stories, on Tuesday June 11, for an exclusive live coverage of the World classic powerlifting championships (Helsingborg, Sweden) by APLYFT coach Peter Hofstetter @thebarbellprogram #TrainSmart #IPF

Bring your A-game #BringYourAgame #TrainSmart

Bring your A-game #BringYourAgame #TrainSmart

Find Coach Aaron @strengthalytics on aplyft for a personalized training plan This is the first workout in a training block preparing for a Super Total meet. Traditionally, most Super Total meets are comprised of 5 lifts: Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift. A lot of people are under the impression that you can't be great at both powerlifting and weightlifting. The truth is that there is quite a bit of carryover between both sports and you really don't have to sacrifice much to be good at both. If you're coming from a Powerlifting background, switching to a super total program, you will likely need to decrease direct squat work due to extra front squat volume from cleans. If you're training deadlift multiple days per week, you may want to substitute one of those days with a clean-pull. Bench volume is often substituted for some additional overhead pressing work. Due to the technical nature of the lifts, you can train the Olympic lifts and derivatives at higher relative intensities and frequencies without running into too many problems. As always, you should pay close attention to your fatigue/performance throughout the week and adjust volume and/or intensity appropriately. If you're wanting to get started training for a super total, this may be a good way to start: Take your powerlifting program, reduce you direct squat and bench press work by about 20%, substitute some deadlifts for clean pulls, and add a weight lifting variation at the beginning of each workout. Happy Training

Check out this #Lyftip from @optimusprime_334. Today, Ray is talking a little bit about bracing. When squatting, two of the most important things are bracing and maintaining three points of contact in your feet. A proper brace isn't simply about flexing down or pushing your belly out. You want to breathe into your belly and push out through your entire abdomen and obliques. This helps to keep your back and entire core tight to better transfer forces. The second thing you want to focus on is keeping three points of contact in your feet. The heel, the outer edge of your foot and big toe. By doing this, you create a solid platform to drive through the floor without leaking power. Check back in with @aplyft and @optimusprime_334 for more #Lyftips to keep your total climbing #barbend

Bring your A-game #BringYourAgame #TrainSmart

Bring your A-game #BringYourAgame #TrainSmart

Are you looking for a coach to help you prep for @usapowerlifting Raw Nationals? Download APLYFT and check out the list of experts that we have to offer. #RawNationals2019 #TrainSmart

#TBT to when Ray Williams @optimusprime_334 squatted a record breaking 490kgs (1080 lbs). #SoD #SquatOrDie #TrainSmart

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