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Commissioned by Apple. “We live so fast that sometimes we lose direction. Ramadan gives us the opportunity to reflect and change pace in order to find spiritual balance.” #Ramadan #ShotoniPhone by Ola A. @olaaaly Music: “Circles” by @louberrymusic Check out Stories for more.

“Disconnecting in the desert.” #uae #ShotoniPhone by Alanood M. @alanood.mubarak

“Climbing to escape the heat.” #summertime #ShotoniPhone by Darkhan Z. @m1dwaaay

Collection: Skylines No better backdrop than the heavens above. #ShotoniPhone by… Shant T. @eshantt, Roman Y. @the5thcorner, Sébastien P. @seb_gordon, Richard B. @hrrbhn, Nacho C.M. @carreteromolero, and Kartikaa T. @kartikaa.1

Commissioned by Apple. “Washington, D.C. is filled with people doing remarkable things for the community. Sometimes they’re overlooked, but they’re the ones fortifying the neighborhood, creating opportunities. These stories are about some of those individuals. This is a record of our history.” @capitalcheckers @kenney_davis @bugmatthews #washingtondc #ShotoniPhone by Jared S. @jaredsoares. Check Stories for more.

“I print digital negatives and expose the paper to UV light to get a really beautiful black and white platinum print.” #blackandwhite #ShotoniPhone by Rachael S. @rachshort. See Stories for more.

"Following the flight." #naturephotography #ShotoniPhone by Matthew V.S. @mattvanswol

“Ground shipping.” #streetphotography #ShotoniPhone by Eric L. @ericlau_street

“What I capture is my own way of seeing the world. It’s a reflection of my heart.” #naturephotography #ShotoniPhone by Lau K. @laukingzzz

“These women put their heart, soul and sweat into this work every day. To me, they’re like warriors.” #gujarat #ShotoniPhone by Roshani S. @roshagulla

“For me, responsible ecotourism is the key to conservation. The more people experience the ocean, the more they’ll advocate for it and all its species. Chancing upon this blue whale was like finding a needle in a haystack. You have to work for it. You have to earn it, responsibly. But the reward is always overwhelming.” #conservation #ShotoniPhone by Jorge H. @jchauser

“The cows and bulls usually wait until sunset to take the beach, when the sea breeze cools the coast and the summer heat is more bearable. It becomes something almost divinely out of place, but something that, for these bovines, is simply routine.” #senegal #ShotoniPhone by Rubén P.B. @rubenpb Music: "Cómo Me Quieres” by @khruangbin

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