Ariel Tatum

Humanitarian. Foods, flowers, poems, paintings and a little bit of everything. #SpreadTheLove ♥️

Happiest place on earth always!

Did my own hair. Made @kieferlippens proud.

First things first! 💕

Sampai Mati is finally out! Link in my bio! ♥️

Untuk yang pernah menjadi yang paling mendekati sempurna. Sampai Mati is out now. Link in my bio.

Sampai Mati will be out tonight at 19:00 WIB exclusively on YouTube. Link in my bio! ♥️

Running out of caption. Help me.

Pelipur Lara 2

Hi whatsup helloooooo

Beyond blessed.

Selamat hari raya Idul Fitri 1439 H.

Looking for a damn to give to y’all haters lol

The end.