Claudia Sulewski


just wrapped on our family sitcom

I feel like a polly pocket today👛


Lavender lady🕊 @nastygal x EmRata just dropped and I’m INTO IT. Shop the collection on my story! #NastyGalxEmRata #ad

these are fun!

I’M A NEW WOMAN!🐆 Stopped by the #dphuehouse for @justinandersoncolor + @kacey_welch to transform my hair🖤 Longer, fuller, darker! Keeping my color fresh with my new @dphue goodies. I’m screaming.

my favorite song in the world is out today🥺 honored I can inspire you in any capacity but this, my heart can’t even take! i love you. go listen to angel by @Finneas and cry with me!!

can I keep both?

kids with toys

Popsicles + Frank Sinatra🍓

The end.