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You are already enough my friend. The biggest thing that stops most people is the believe that they are not enough of something. They are not well dressed enough. They are not intelligent enough. They are not funded enough. Always come to the mindset that you are enough and that all you really need is taking more actions and learning more from all your experience. Set a goal that you really want, and go for it. Because you already have it all, deep inside you. . New Cover of QCEG Internation Fashion Magazine @qcegmag . @jimwinter.paris @sunamoya @strassing @tibonorman @martinonmarc @stephane.bossart @jokostyle #fashion #china #davidmichigan . 你已经足够我的朋友了。 阻止大多数人的最重要的事情是相信他们还不够。 他们穿得不够好。 他们不够聪明。 他们资金不足。 始终认识到你已经足够了,而你真正需要的只是采取更多行动,并从你的所有经验中学到更多。 设定一个你真正想要的目标,然后去实现它。 因为你已经掌握了所有内容,深藏在你的内心。

It is with great pleasure and immense pride that I announce the release of the new magazine @mensfitnessfrance, the most widely read magazine in the world for men, where you will be able to easily discover lots of tips and advice to really become yourself and maximize your potential. . It has always been my life mission to make as many people understand that any personal development journey, even for physical activities, begins with your thoughts. You must constantly control your thoughts if you want to control your environment. And for that, if you have not succeeded yet, you must invest in yourself by continually increasing your knowledge. If you really do that, you have no choice but to grow up, and with repetition, success will not escape you but will be part of you. Your mind will be like a magnet, attracting all the good things for you. . C'est avec un grand plaisir et une immense fierté que je vous annonce la sorti du nouveau magazine de @mensfitnessfrance, le magazine masculin le plus lu au monde, où vous allez pouvoir découvrir facilement plein d'astuces et de conseils pour vraiment devenir vous-même et optimiser votre potentiel. . Cela a toujours été ma mission de vie de faire comprendre à un maximum de personnes que tout voyage de développement personnel, même pour les activités physiques, commence par vos pensées. Vous devez en permanence contrôler vos pensées si vous voulez maîtriser votre environnement. Et pour cela, si vous n'y arrivez pas encore, vous devez investir en vous-même en augmentant continuellement vos connaissances. Si vous faites vraiment cela, vous n'avez pas d'autre choix que de grandir, et avec la répétition, le succès ne vous échappera pas mais fera partie de vous-même. Votre esprit sera comme un aimant, attirant toutes les bonnes choses pour vous. . Special thanks to @mensfitnessmagazine @jimwinter.paris @jabiroedison @kevinlydiepro @eloisevonvelvet @dylandubois.photographie @la_palette_de_alex . #mensfitness #mensfitnessmagazine #fitness #mind #motivation #davidmichigan

Each human being has always his own uniqueness because each and every one of us has our own unique experience of life and our own identity. . If you do focus on your true uniqueness and if you really learn to develop it, you will really make a huge difference in the world. . The process of finding your true identity may take you a lot of time, energy and attention but it is very worthwhile and you will be able at the end to produce the greatest value you could possible give to the universe. . 🎥 @jimwinter.paris - @hanmaretto @oriatabouysson @fakablondie . Video realized for @tahititourisme, @havaikifakarava and @maisondidariel . #aquaman #tahiti #polynesia #sea #travel #beach #water #LoveTahiti #TahitiEtSesIles #LesIlesDuMana #island #vacation #polynesia #jimwinter #davidmichigan

Never assume you can't do something and don't put any limit to yourself. . That's why you should always push yourself to redefine what you think your boundaries are. The biggest competition will always be yourself. . So instead of looking to follow others or pull them down, focus more on yourself and constantly test your own boundaries to repuse them. . 🎥 @jimwinter.paris . Video realized for 视频- QCEG Fashion Mag International - . @sunamoya - @victorgeepr - @jor.danne - @m_suri - @bambiediallo992 - @matthieu.de.pallares - @strassing @le_beau_carosse_officiel . #fashion #china #mode #asia #samourai #car #jimwinter #davidmichigan

Always believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities. If you don't have at least a small amount of confidence inside you, it will be hard for you to really feel good and be happy. . So keep your trust and if you still don't have much self confidence, you can always rely on what you are good at and be grateful for that. . And little by little, you will see that the more you focus on what you are really good at, the more you will develop your self esteem and self confidence. . 🎥 @jimwinter.paris . Video realized for @havaikifakarava - @maisondidariel and @tahititourisme . #aquaman #poseidon #neptune #sea #travel #beach #water #LoveTahiti #TahitiEtSesIles #LesIlesDuMana #island #vacation #polynesia #jimwinter #davidmichigan

Much of the time, the things we feel guilty about are not our issues. Another person behaves inappropriately or in some way violates our boundaries. We challenge the behavior, and the person gets angry and defensive. Then we feel guilty. . As funny as it may sound, the things you feel guilty about are not your issues. When you feel guilty about something, it is usually because you care way too much about the judgment of other people. . Another person behaves inappropriately, violates your boundaries so you challenge her behaviour. The person gets angry and only then you feel guilty about it. So don't care about people's opinions and you won't feel any guilt anymore. . Video realized for Francesco Smalto Haute Couture - @georgesmakaroun - @djulajewelry and @alsharkiah_magazine . 📽 @maissane_fritz - @sunamoya - @victorgeepr - @charlotte_meq - @mllexenia - @paulinebrunel - @zsuzsanna_wagenhoffer - @sarahmartellina - @dmamodels - @masha.restaurant

People will always try to force their thinking on you, their boundaries on you. They will tell you how to behave, how to act, how to dress, what to eat, who you can meet, what you should do in your life, where you have to go…. . Don't be a sheep and never live in the shadows of people's judgement. Even if it can be hard, listen to you own voice. . Make your own choices in the light of your own wisdom. . 📷 @jokostyle . #superhero #tattoo #epic #sparta #fitness #davidmichigan

This is the official backstage video for the cover photoshoot of the new edition of Men's Fitness magazine. Discover in the upcoming @mensfitnessfrance (in less than 20 days) a lot of secrets and advice on how to really improve your body, be healthy while having a strong mind. Can’t wait for you to discover all that in april! . Ceci est la vidéo officielle du backstage de la séance photo de couverture de la nouvelle édition du magazine Men's Fitness. Découvrez dans @mensfitnessfrance (dans moins de 20 jours) de nombreux secrets et conseils pour améliorer votre corps, être en bonne santé tout en possédant un esprit puissant. Je suis impatient que vous découvriez tout ça en avril! . 🎥 Movie Maker @kevinlydiepro - Men's Fitness Photographer @jabiro.edison - Photographer @dylandubois.photographie - Makeup Artist & Hairstylist @eloisevonvelvet- Men's Fitness @mensfitnessfrance . #mensfitness #covermagazine #fitness #selfdevelopment #travel #aquaman #jimwinter #davidmichigan

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