Debby Ryan

no aesthetic

young man??? pls get off my car!?

mondays am I right? don’t talk to me before I’ve had my #coffee gotta have my java #mondays #java

love a purple hair job, esp for the rainforest. we tryna protect 30 species in 30 days 🦄🔮👩🏼‍🎤🌱 you literally just post a pic of you with purple hair — dye/chalk/filter/whatever — and tag @sambazon with #PurpleForThePlanet, and they’ll literally protect 5 acres of the rainforest for you (from now until Biodiversity Day (May 22)! Do it bc you look cute and magical and the earth can stay that way too #SambazonPartner


feeling fully birthday spoilt with tons of material for my gratitude journal. leaving the link up in my bio for a while, in case you forgot to donate to Humanity and Inclusion ✨💌

This gai left her rollerblades home in LA but is celebrating a birthday today with a limber scoot Last year brought me my first adventures in Hawaii, Spain, Seattle, New Zealand, further around Australia... — I backflipped in an underground salt cave, got to shadow for a month in an incredible directing mentorship program (ty Ryan Murphy, Hernando, Brad, Austin and Maggie), studied capoeira, got back into dance, shot a machine gun (for roles) and trained in boxing (for me). Four movies I did and a v special Netflix show came out last year, important conversations were sparked, I got rid of my car and marie kondo-d my house, got engaged to the coolest guy ever (sparks joy) and experienced my tribe moving through major milestones in their worlds — literally don’t know how 26 is gonna measure up but at least my scooter game’s getting more powerful

choose your fighter

home came to me from mexico for my birthday 💌

Kimmy got a camera and I got a pizza

happy birthday, sisterfriend, to a beautiful poet and an even prettier poem

🧺🔪🥭🧸 he doesn’t like it when I eat foods straight from the knife but how else you gonna

The end.