HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG POPPA!! Love you always and FOREVER! #BadBoy4Life

My brother @robertfredericksmith, showed UP and showed OUT!!!!!!!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤😂😂Thank you for showing US HOW ITS done. This is beautiful, inspiring, moving and motivational. This is what is possible. This is how we are naturally as a people. We are a tribe, we are supposed to take care of each other. THANK YOU! ✊🏿🖤 #BlackExcellence MY HERO ✊🏿🖤

Tonight is that Scorpio SUPER MOON #takedat I wish you all LOVE 🖤

From NBA Player to Cannabis Visionary, this brother is blazing a path for our people in the cannabis industry. My man @alharrington3 and his company @viola.lifestyle are making major moves and dropping truth to address the miseducation of mainstream America about the use of cannabis. ⁣ ⁣ For decades, millions of our people have been wrongly incarcerated for the use and distribution of a product that is now becoming a billion dollar industry. It’s only right we take our piece and not get left behind. ⁣ ⁣ Al and his company continue to encourage our people to get involved and ensure we are represented in the fastest growing economic boom of this century. ⁣ ⁣ I’m watching you Al. Keep pushing. Stay focused. One Love. 🖤✊🏿

To whom it may concern its GAME TIME!!!! Let’s bang! ! @ladykp @notorious_big_ BANG BANG BANG It’s coming!!!!!!mothafuckas!!!!! Foh

MOOD @nipseyhussle 🖤💙🏁

This is @djkhaled I’m taking over Puffs IG!!!! #FatherOfAsahd out now. Drop a comment let me know what you think!!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!! I’m back bitches!!!! LET’S DANCE! @ziggymarley

Shit crazy

My brother @djkhaled is one of the only people I’d come off the grid for. #FatherOfAsahd May 17th!!! Two days and counting. Let’s go!

The end.