We exist to make people stronger so they perform better in sports and in life. #raisethebar #eleiko

Hundreds of hours preparing for a brief moment on the platform. But only nine lifts to show your dedication and effort.⁣⁣ ⁣ It either goes your way or it doesn't, but what matters most is what you take away from your experience.⁣⁣ ⁣ A truly brave person once said: "I never lose. I either win or learn.” A great way to wrap up a fantastic championship.⁣⁣ ⁣ Thanks to the athletes, spectators, spotters and everyone who made the Worlds in Helsingborg possible!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #raisethebar⁣⁣ #eleiko

Mike is one of the most disruptive thinkers in the Powerlifting worlds He walks us through his journey from winning World Games Gold to becoming one of the most renowned coaches within powerlifting. How does he train and peak his athletes before World Championships? How do you balance your personal and competitve goals? What traits do elite athletes posses, and are genetics everything? Mike answered these questions and many more 🙏 Tag someone who can learn from Mike! 👇

Oliver Dahlkvist showing us the equipment you see the lifters wearing in competition. What more do you want to know about equipment and apparels for Powerlifting? 👇

Strong is happy! The international powerlifting scene is raising the bar. What a day! #raisethebar #eleiko

The US team keeps on hitting world records! Congrats to the winner in the -74 class Taylor Atwood @t_atwood with a massive 283 kg squat for World Record. #raisethebar #eleiko

Jessica shares her experiences as a T1 Diabetic; the learning outcomes and extra considerations she needs to take in training and competition. She also shares her thoughts on transitioning from being a Junior World Champion to competing in the Open Category!

Team USA is really raising the bar! @charlesokpoko with a massive 263 kg world record squat in -66 kg. #eleiko #raisethebar

Strong is determined! US athlete  @megscanlift with a world record squat of 178 kg in the open -57 weight class. #raisethebar #eleiko

Carola is an upcoming Italian superstar in the -63KG Open Women. She holds the Junior World Record in the Total and has improved even further to become a Medal Contender in the Open division! Carola competes the 12TH of June at 4 PM CEST.

At 04:00 p.m. we are live launching our new powerlifting equipment. Including the first ever @theipf approved bench with grip. We call it the "waffle zone"... Guess where the inspiration comes from? Link in bio to join. #raisthebar #eleiko

Huge weights, world records, and top-level performance. Get a behind the scenes look from the best powerlifters in the world in our stories! Reports from the contests are provided by -74 lifter Alexander Eriksson @ae.power who will compete later this week. #raisethebar #eleiko #ipfworlds2019

The greatest World Classic Powerlifting Championships ever. #raisethebar #eleiko Video from @whitelightsmediauk

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