Music is an essential part of my training so I put together a playlist of bangers for @applemusic. This playlist keeps my energy high and helps me push my limits! 💪🏼 (link in stories)

Love love being back with the girls @abbieosmon @melissaerpen @saranayde you crazy b*tches!! After days of no sleep I’d lost it at this point 🤘🏼 #Sixteen #IJustWanaBeEddieVedder

Last week I was lucky enough to surprise my old school in Kington, Herefordshire to go and meet the students and chat to them about my time there and how I dealt with my GCSE’s... it was one of the most surreal and amazing things I’ve gotten to do in a while and for some reason was incredibly nervous but the staff and pupils were so welcoming and wonderful. Was so bonkers seeing the old changing rooms/ headmaster office 😳/ school hall! I really did love to learn (especially geography- my teacher Mr Smith is still there and told me he’s teaching all about climate change 🤞🏼)but also loved to talk in class and definitely got sent out a few times 😬 but managed to get good results in the end because I revised as hard as I could! Good luck in your exams everyone , I promise they aren’t as bad as you think they’re going to be... thank you for having me 😊 ❤️❤️❤️ #LadyHawkinsforever

Jean Paul Gaultier couture for the LGBT awards 🕊 @nathankleinstyling

2nd vid pure exhaustion after however many rounds 😅 stamina getting better though... Thank you @shanemcguigan for always humouring me when you’re already busy training incredible athletes!! 🙏🏼 V grateful #NotAYogi #GirlsWhoBox

This place is awful 😉

@dondiablo remix for the weekend 💗 link in stories

Thanks for having me talk about all things music, mental health, activism and gin. @cambridgeunion @cambridgeuniversity

The end.