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After her husband killed their family dog, Jenelle Evans has been fired from #TeenMom2 and is now battling for custody over her kids. Link in bio for more details on the case that's leaving her "exhausted." (📷: Instagram)

Jeannie Mai is opening up about being sexually abused by a family member when she was 9 years old and her mom didn't believe her. Link in bio for her heartbreaking story. (📷: Youtube)

Give us ALL the happy Nina Dobrev photos from #Cannes, please. 😍 We’re exposing everything about our girl & Grant Mellon’s new relationship in our (vampire) diaries at the link in our bio! (📷: Splash News)

Ah, young Beckham love. ❤️ #Cannes (📷: Getty Images)

Here’s the (Toy) story of Tom Hanks casually running into a guy with a Woody tattoo and from now on — we want this level of commitment from ALL our fans. (📷: @tomhanks)

On an appointed day of every year, one must select the faction to which they will devote the rest of their lives. Our choice? Whatever faction Miles Teller is in these days. 🔥 (📷: Getty Images)

When Ayesha Curry's 10-month-old baby was body-shamed (yup, you read that right), she clapped back to the rude commenters. Link in bio for the full story. (📷: Instagram)

The #ShahsofSunset drama continues as MJ breaks her silence on the ongoing feud between herself and her "former friend" Reza Farahan. Link in bio. (📷: Instagram)

What's the best episode of #BlackMirror? Asking for a friend. (And for everything coming *coughBlackMirrorwithMileyCyruscough* and leaving Netflix next month, check the link in our bio.) (📷: Netflix)

A reminder from Billie Eilish. ❤️ (📷: Getty Images)

YOU DO YOU AMY. 💕 (📷: Instagram)

The very first trailer to The Hills: New Beginnings is finally here and "life has drastically changed." Link in bio to get a taste of their new chapter. (📷: MTV)

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