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Churro Hot Dog!! 🌭 Would you try it?? @succulentbite

Taiyaki Ice cream! Wow. Filled with Nutella and custard 🍦 @losangeles_eats who has had a Taiyaki?

Cannolis on my mind - @delish

Marshmallow on sweet potato fries? 🤔What do you guys think?? - @nonstopeats

Mini candy bars on top of this chocolate ganache 😱🍫 @wendykou

This pour has so much swaaag 💦 - @nusr_et

Australian Flank Steak 🤤 Comment how you like your steak 🥩

I need this shake machine 🤯 & an Oreo Nutella Donut on top @succulentbite made with: vanilla ice cream blended with milk, Oreo cereal and cookie dough, topped with an Oreo Nutella donut!

Mochi Donuts 🍩 - @grubspot

Have you ever heard of a Doblegats? - @forn_santfrancesc

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