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Biology & Chemistry degree. 🇬🇷 Management: teamhannah@shots.com 🦊 👇NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO👇

When bae wants to have guys night out 😤🤯 @lelepons @twan @eliwehbe @bermontgomery #lol #wtf #haha

I can’t wait for you guys to see a different and more serious side of me... COMING SOON... @netflix ⚡️🔥 stories inspired by Black Mirror!

Lele’s dog VS. My dog 🐶😂 (tag a dog lover)

Lost overseas ✈️💃🏻 Thank you @googlepixel for sponsoring this video! #teampixel #pixel3 #ad

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When you’re super single 😤🤦‍♀️ vid by @lelepons w/ @jeff @directedbystro

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When I’m mad 🤬🤭 @lelepons @vanessaethornton (Who else is like this?)

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Dominican Republic w/ my pretty princess @nattinatasha 🇩🇴👯‍♀️ (tag 3 friends)

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