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My mind has been working double time recently. Super stoked to be working on all things #ALittleLateWithLillySingh but also have to be mindful that the rest of my business thrives. I don’t mind putting in the work though! I feel blessed to be in a universe filled with opportunity and potential. Might as well make the absolute most of it! I’m scared of a lot of things but hard work isn’t one of them! So let’s get it fam!! Today is our day to make it happen!! #VeryBusyPerson #SpentMostOfHerTimeMakingATripodOutOfBoxesForThis #CantChangeTheBasic 😂💪🏽

I like terms of endearment baby.

Today I will use my patience, heart and gratitude to put out all the fires in my control. And seek no desire to control the things I cannot. The parts of my world I cannot control are lessons in the making and who am I to disturb that. Have a happy, mindful and grateful Tuesday my family 🙏🏽❤️

If you want to know how to steal my heart... this is it 😍 #NakreOnPoint #Punjaban

BIG LOVE •••• This young queen has been supporting me for so many years and I’ve never had the chance to meet her. Unfortunately my tours didn’t stop in Miami and every time I am here it’s for a few hours. Ya girl had to correct that. Finally met the intelligent and wonderful Kare who has been holding it down in #TeamSuper since time. Not to mention lil sis just graduated with flying colours! Thank you for being here my love. Thank you for watching the videos, tweeting the tweets, rocking the merch and having my back. I truly adore meeting all of you but it’s especially special when I can spend some quality time with you, take you out to eat and repay you for all of your love. I’m forever grateful. Y’all have my heart. Also, special shout outs to Kare for educating me with some new twitter slang. Ya girl is bout to seem fresh af. OOMF taught me 😎 #LookWhoDidThePeaceSign #NewGraduate #RoyalNurse #HaitianModel #IDunnoWhatIsAllOverMyClothes

That concludes my two week trip to NYC! Couldn’t have asked for a better ending. Thank you @nbc for welcoming me to the family with such warm and open arms. I’m excited to be on this journey with you. Let’s also continue to ensure the backdrop for pictures compliments my outfit so well as it did here. I’m into it. Also, thank you @todayshow for the cute set during my segment. Y’all real ones 💪🏽❤️ #ALittleLate

So grateful I had the pleasure of hosting a screening of this queen’s new movie #TheSunIsAlsoAStar. @yarashahidi’s performance in this movie deserves all of the LOVE. So make sure to show @thesunisalsoastar some #GirlLove and go see the movie in theaters this Friday, May 17th! #ad #wbsponsored

Humans are so fascinating to me. Our ability to go through things and gain resilience is a work of art. My problems aren’t identical to your problems but we both have our problems and we deal with them. The person in the car next to you at a red light could be going through extreme heartache yet there they are, at that red light, going where they need to be going. The universe gets really creative when it comes to conjuring up a new problem to present to us, but just the same, here we are trying our best to handle them. Shout outs to all the people going through some stuff and who are digging to the depths of their soul to get out of bed and still do the damn thing. That’s not easy for anyone. I’m so proud of you ❤️

Did two back to back shoots yesterday on virtually no sleep. I don’t endorse not sleeping but sometimes ish happens and you need to pull through aka you have no choice. Knocked out in full glam and woke up looking like an electrocuted circus clown. But ya girl did the damn thing and now imma eat some carbs, drink a drank and have half a day off before diving into emails. The lesson? Sunglasses fix everything. Prayers up. God bless. One love. Who’s ya daddy.

Hugging myself.

Photographed here, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra adopt Indian Canadian daughter and enjoy an evening of dress up together. Rumours say a “tea party” is to follow.

Bringing full fledge photosynthesis to the #MetGala 🌺

The end.