I’m a rainbow 🌈

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Haven’t seen you since the summer 🌟 I LOVE HUGS

Thank you to @musicares for honoring my friend @macklemore and his sobriety. And thank you for being there for musicians. Our job is fuckinggg amazing but can sometimes feel like a runaway train, so I, and so many others, appreciate the help that you provide and the work that you do for people who need it. Thank you, Ben, for being honest and open about your recovery, it is so inspiring and brave. Musicares has *^for real^* saved multiple of my friends lives, so thank you🙏🏻🙏🏽🙏🏿 @recordingacademy #recovery . . . 📸: @mtranphoto Courtesy of the Recording Academy

Keep on creepin on 🌟⚡️🌟

Performance lewk from last night 🌟 . . 💄: @vittoriomasecchia 👗: @sammyrhodes__ & @samanthaburkhartstylist 💅: @mihonails 💇‍♀️: @vittoriomasecchia / @bomanesalon / @clinttorres_hair / @heyydredre / @hairdreamsusa 💎: @laureldewitt 👠: @chiaraferragnicollection *because there’s not a cape emoji: @epuzer **because there’s not a bedazzled bodysuit emoji: @anyoldiron

The rights for women to choose about our own bodies is being threatened and taken away in some states- it’s unacceptable and backwards. We are not ok with being silenced. The only way i could actually keep my mouth shut last night was physically putting a muzzle on myself for the red carpet in case y’all were wondering. Statistics show that there are 2,349,967 men and 2,499,410 women in Alabama. We should have a right to choose when it comes to decisions about our own bodies, every woman. each and every of the 2,499,410 women of Alabama shouldn’t have that right taken away from them. #mybodymychoice . . . 📸: @kevincwinter / @gettyentertainment Courtesy of the Recording Academy

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms. Cat and dog moms, single moms, every mom out there. You all are fucking warrior badasses 🌟my mom is my mom and my dad and best friends and all the things. Love u 💝💝💝💝and thanks for making me 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️

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🌟stars as our nightlights🌟⁣ 📸 @ashleyosborn

The end.