Ileana D'Cruz


Pink hair days 📸 @andrewkneebonephotography ♥️

I absolutely LOVE these wallpapers taken by my man on the streets of Bombay 😍😍😍!! Go on to his profile @andrewkneebonephotography to see them all!

Just another monochromatic lovely day ♥️ - 📸 @rohanshrestha #whiteTseries #monochrome

My face at a restaurant when I see what the person at the next table is having 🤤😋 #busted #gimme #foodie - 📸 @andrewkneebonephotography ♥️

Him: I wonder what she’s thinking about with that dreamy look on her face. . . . . . - - - Me: Pancakes? Waffles? French toast?? Crepes? Doughnuts?? What to have for brekky... 📸 @andrewkneebonephotography

Maaaajor throwback! Guess which movie? ☺️

Hello?? Yes I’d like a dozen puppies and 20 kittens sent over asap. K thanks bye. 📸 @rohanshrestha

Calm is a superpower. 📸 @rohanshrestha 💥

Peekaboo ⬅️ 📸 @andrewkneebonephotography ♥️

Major throwback alert 🚨 Spot the weirdo 😂 - - - update* Since a lot people seemed to be confused as to which one is me, I’m the weirdo with my legs hanging out of the pool on the right. Yup. I still do that. No regrets. K. Thanks. Bye. 🙂

Fiji is a land for everyone – the adventure seeker, the waterbaby, the beach bum and even the party animal! I saw a bit of everything! Jumping off a plane to a vista of blues & greens, enjoying a beautiful dinner on the beach with my love & some bubbly, to even diving into the waters to discover the multi-coloured coral reefs…Fiji helped me uncover the best every vacation has to offer 🤩 A whole world of happiness awaits, and if Fiji isn’t on your bucket-list, now’s the time to add to it! #bulahappiness #fijinow #ileanainfiji #fijihappy

Everyone keeps asking me what is it about Fiji that I love so much! So here you go, these are a few of my favourite (Fiji) things 😉 🐠 Making new friends! ☕ Chilling with the locals, enjoying Kava 🤗 Enjoying warm bear hugs from these adorable little munchkins 🌅 Drinking in the colours of the Fijian sunset Are any of these your fav things as well? 😁 #bulahappiness #fijinow #ileanainfiji #fijihappy

The end.