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@fashionnova That’s my response when someone tries to tell me a rumor or gossip they’ve heard. I never talk about others (unless it’s good things) and I surround myself with people who do the same as me.

New song from my friend @matthewbschultz "Go" favorite summer song! 😍 @Spotify #spotify #matthewschultz #go @spotifyforartists #newmusicfriday

Para hablarte claro ella es una en 💯 @fashionnova

Would you be scared to sit here? #Shanghai #china @fashionnova

@fashionnova The bull in Shanghai is a symbol of perseverance, diligence and wealth in the Chinese culture. They wanted a bull that was younger and stronger than New York City's bull to symbolise the energy of Shanghai's economy. #shanghai #bull In the last photo I’m like ahh I’ll just put on my coat so people don’t stare 😆 #china

@fashionnova Le cante una canción a mi mama para el día de las madres 🎸 jajaja no se crean... no canto ni en la regadera porque yo sola me espanto... algún valiente quisiera escucharme cantar? 🤣

Consintiendo a nuestra mamá 💕 feliz día de las madres a todas las mamasitas jaja @dulceochoa__ @omo.ale

@fashionnova There can be people who look like you, but no one will ever be YOU and that’s your power.. we all have a light and that’s what makes you special 💕

Always do what your heart desires ✨ @fashionnova

@fashionnova Those that think that by dimming someone else’s light theirs will shine brighter are so incorrect.. at the end of the day everyone’s true colors show and karma takes care of those who do things the dirty way. Stay real, stay clean, and most importantly be yourself and only compete with yourself. Never compete with others because there will ALWAYS be someone better than you, someone prettier, someone younger and someone who does things better than you... if we paid attention to these things and lived our life competing with others we would drive ourselves crazy! #focusonyourgoals #truthalwayscomesout

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