Lea Elui G

H💍 Fearless✨ #TeamLea #ConfidentForLea 📨: leaelui@foll-ow.com | @leaandleators

I miss LA🌴✨ | Outfit: @fashionnova

Two types of people at school😅 Which one are you ? 1 or 2?😂✨ If I could I would dress up as the second one EVERY SINGLE DAY haha!♥️ Tag 2 friends for me to spam uuu😽 @leaelui

If you can handle my mood-swings, you’re my soulmate 🌸✨

You were my cup of tea but I drink champagne now😜🥂

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have..🖤🤞🏼

Okay I was so scared at first but I think it turned out pretty well, what do you think ?🙈 My mom did this so I just wanted to say that we’re not professionals at all haha but yeah now I have the same hair color as her!😂 Tag 2friends that would let their mom die their hair 💛😎

Let’s do it one more time 🤪 #confidentforlea

She said she was gonna love me forever🥀 @fashionnova #fashionnova

The heart wants what it wants 💫

Who can relate ? I hate being sick! And this is not acting I really am sick haha😂 What do you do when you’re sick?🤕♥️ Tag 2 friends👫 @leaelui

Tell me something I don’t know..💭🌙

The end.