Liam Payne

If you scroll right far enough you’ll almost see new music 😂

Can’t believe this songs already 2 years old! Thank you to each and every one of you who continue to support me. Big shout out to @teddysphotos and @rokstoneprod. What a great start to this journey! #2YearsOfStripThatDown

I don’t usually comment on politics but this one got me and is so important. This whole abortion law thing in America is a mess I mean your completely taking away the rights of women and the ownership of the bodies that belong to them. I have so much respect for women Watching someone go through pregnancy and how tough it can be at times and us as men never have to go through that so how can we even comment or decide what women should or shouldn’t go through, it is total BS that anyone is even given that power. It’s bad enough that women have to go through cycles of periods that can be painful without making some of them have to go through with unwanted pregnancies that will literally change the course of the lives they lead at all ages. Here was me thinking it was supposed to be the land of the free it all looks very tied up from where I’m standing. Abortion up to a certain point should always be legal it’s only right that woman are given that choice to make for themselves.

My favourite hobby is glove collecting. I like to do it with one hand tied behind my back.

Trust me guys it was funny at the time I swear

new light 💡

Tried out the new Sherlock #TheGameIsNow escape the room game @221b! It was a fantastic experience and we did a lot better than we thought we were going to do!!

I love this guy he’s one of my biggest role models and now also one of the nicest people I know thanks for having me @markwahlberg what an awesome night! Photo by @davebenett

I’m excited to be the new face of HUGO and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. Head over to @hugo_official to stay in the know #HUGOxLiamPayne

When everyone’s sharing #GOT spoilers and you’re on season one 🤦🏻‍♂

Walking into the weekend

I’ve loved taking my time in the studio to focus on making new music recently, I could do this forever but it’s nearly time to share what we’ve been up to... 🙌🏼

The end.