Love Food

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Tag that special someone you’d share this with!🍗❤️ 📸: @grubspot

Lemon juice, tajin & fresh mango - name a better way to eat mango.. I’ll wait 🤤 🎥: @eatbearded

Who else is going to try this? 🧀🥔 🎥: @meshuryemek

Loaded burgers, spicy Nashville chicken or totally topped fries.. which one are you feasting on? 🍔🍗🍟 📸: @fitwaffle

Nutella. stuffed. Croissants. Does it get any better? 🍫 🎥: @dcfoodporn

How it’s made: sushi edition 🍣 🎥: @amnys_

Swipe to make your mouth water 🤤 📸: @dennistheprescott

The most satisfying thing you’ll see today 🎂🌀 🎥: @freja_krarup

Grilled lobster tails w/ a side of asparagus topped off with garlic butter! 🤤 🎥: @grillin_with_dad

1, 2, 3 or 4? 🌸💜🐢💫 📸:

Feeling ruff? Probably not as much as this paw little edible ice cream Pup 🐶🍦 🎥: @nonstopeats

Wagyu Ribeye or Extra Crispy Pork Rack? Which one are you going for? 🍖 🎥: @cheatmeats

The end.