It’s 100+ degrees out... but I just got a new suit...

This is my new everyday outfit. Thank you all for supporting my good choices 🙏

Had a lovely time on vacation with this lovely lady!

Soon... w/ @tayrose925

Stage 2 SWOLE. Close to achieving dummy thicc status. 1 like = 1 swole 💪

Stage 1 puffiness. If I swell up more I will post an update. 1 like = 1 prayer 🙏


I’m on a horse

Fun in the sun 🌞

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Chica's grump because she only got 2 more presents than Henry did...

I think this #GalaxyNote9 that @samsungmobileusa sent me is making me a better Fortnite player 😐 Check it out for yourself, LINK IN BIO!! #ad

Samsung gave me a giftbox! A BIG gift box! Let's see what's inside! #ad #GalaxyNote9 @SamsungMobileUSA

The end.