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Kingslayer? Never heard of him.

This is the most comfortable #ad I’ve ever done. For every 10 posts with the tag @puffymattress and hashtag #puffydonation, Puffy donates a mattress to a non-profit shelter for children in need.  For those who want to participate in this charity, and get a kick ass mattress at the same time - you can use the code MIA for $250 off any Puffy Mattress.

I just talked shit about @robertsandberg being annoying during this photoshoot on IG live with @julie_schott so this is my redemption “I love you and I’m so excited to marry you” post 😭

(Link in my bio for the YouTube video) You can say anything you want about me and my decisions, but one thing that no one can argue is my transparency on social media. I don’t hide behind filters or make things out to be better than they are. Sometimes things are ugly, and bloody, and boring, and covered in hormonal breakouts, but that is life and I will always embrace it. This was my decision behind sharing my surgery journey with @drjaycalvert, I could go on and on about what he did to fix my hockey puck breast injury, but i won’t because I could never be as eloquent as he is, just watch the video for yourself. WARNING: Extremely graphic, and not for the faint of heart. We shared as much of the actual surgery as YouTube terms and conditions would allow. I just want to say a quick thank you to @drjaycalvert and his team at @roxspanb and especially @jolene_aesthetics_roxspa for making my recovery so easy, checking in with me every day, and welcoming me with smiles and laughs whenever I came in to the office ♥️ You guys embody “team work,” thank you so much for everything you did for me. And thank you to my caretakers: @jerfsolo, @robertsandberg, and @katarina.sophie. I’m sorry for the things I said when I was on Oxy and hadn’t pooped in 6 days. I love y’all.

Engagement photoshoot done. Let the wedding planning begin, baby @robertsandberg! After seeing him in that suit, I’m gonna go ahead and skip right to the consummation 🙃 #StockholmSyndrome Shot by: @blaisejoseph_ HMU by: @barbarapferrer Wearing: @donnamizani

@donnamizani dress the center of attention and the real MVP for distracting from my blatant wine teeth situation 😭 #MiamiNights #DALE

No filter, just natural Napa lighting 🤩 #Throwback

My Viking 🥰 @robertsandberg

Pretty stoked that the next time we work together will be in LA @leannmueller1. Showing Cali how big we do it in TEXAS.

Now go pick all the coconut out of my muesli or face the gallows.

One of the most surreal days of my life. The energy is palpable, this should be on everyone’s bucket list. ⚒⚒⚒ #COYI @westham

Happy 25th anniversary, @_tfl_! #TFLXXV #LaundryFestival

The end.