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Thank you @orlandobloom for interviewing me for the @glamouruk activism issue. I have always admired your work as an actor and humanitarian. #unicef #godzillamovie #strangerthings3 #youthpower

bout last night 🖤✨ @godzillamovie

the zilla premiere... wait till he stomps into your theatres and takes your breath away (figuratively and literally) on May 31st ! ily n thank u 🖤 📸 Valerie Macon

US press junket shenanigans for @godzillamovie are officially underway with these boys! #GodzillaMovie

thank u Beijing ♡ @godzillamovie

imperial palace ☁️♡ @godzillamovie

Beijing !!! excited to be here 🖤 #godzillakingofthemonsters @godzillamovie

im out ♡◇♡

Advance tickets for #GodzillaMovie are now available 🎟 🎟 Don’t miss it in theaters May 31! Link in bio.

roles reversed 🖤 @cassblackbird

shaun x 011 ♡☆♡ 🐳

The end.