Monica 🖤

Mother of @romelohill @laiyahbrown & @rockohill 🖤Friends & Family Hustle Monday’s VH1, @thebehumanfoundation Founder 🖤COMMITMENT full video & song

What’s his name? RODNEY.... By name you’re the third , by birth you’re the first !! You came into this world with a level of calm that calmed me! You’ll never have to look for me... I’ll always be there 5-21-05 @rockohill HAPPY BIRTHDAY #LifeChangingMomentForMe

Happy 14th Birthday Rocko ........

Happy 14th to My Amazing Son .... @rockohill .... I love you from the depths of my soul ... You are selfless & sure of yourself !! You’re in the world but not of it!! Continue to be you !! Although you’re the coolest in my clan, I love your Soulja Boy lit side LOL😂 Love you Baby.... #14andCounting #MyBabyMyHeight & wears a #10inMens 👀 #YoungLegendRocko

Some people never learn.... Observations of a fast learner!!!! 🖤 (Lyrics By Me) Chapter 38 COMING SOON.... COMMITMENT available now ! Link in bio

Marilyn’s Daughter ... Romelō, Rocko & Laiyah’s Mom .... God’s Child .... 🖤

People want to do very little , and have a lot !! Impossible !! You get out what you put in !!! #Sunshine 🌞

Like Mother , Like Daughter ..... Laiyah Shannon at 5yrs old & Monica Denise at 10yrs old ..... #SheGetItFromHerMomma #WhoTheHellPutThisHatOnMe #HadToBeLinda LOL #LayYouWillHaveABetterLifeAndWardrobeThanMe 😂 #HERstory @laiyahbrown #LittleMissThang

Gods Love , is the greatest I’ve ever known !!! He keeps on Smiling on me & he blessed me with three 🖤 #HerSmileWhenSheGetsHerWay LOL

I’m still trying to digest how serious @laiyahbrown is about this TV, Modeling & Gymnast Life... One things for sure is we support her !!! #OMGMyFiveYearOldHasHeadShots LOL Shot By: @cyndiibee_ Hair: @tailormade76

The faces of my children motivate me to do what seems to be the impossible on a daily!! Moms , Dads go out & get it !! @romelohill love you 😍 Photo: @cyndiibee_ Fendi Outfit : @childsplayclothing

My kids gotta have money , not just me... That’s selfish .... (Fav Offset Lyric) @rockohill Love you !

Proud of My Son , My Middle Child with a the heart of a lion 🦁 @romelohill !! You are one of one , a true Capricorn !! Good job acing your math test! Keep striving! Photo: @cyndiibee_ Clothing Fendi From: @childsplayclothing

The end.