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An outtake from the July 1975 pictorial “A Long Look at Legs” Photographed by Ken Marcus #playboyheritage

“Rihanna is one of my idols. She’s from Barbados and was discovered on the island. She sings, dances, she does it all. When I was growing up I would watch her singing ‘Umbrella’ and say, ‘I want to be like her.’” June 2019 Playmate @theyolimarlara photographed by @anadiasphotography for #thespeechissue

June 1975 Cover Outtake photographed by Dwight Hooker #playboyheritage Model: Marilyn Lange

“There’s nothing like actually getting on stage. It’s the biggest buzz of all for me. It’s like fucking for two hours and then suddenly finding out there’s nothing you can do after that.” Elton John’s January 1976 Playboy Interview Photographed by Terry O'Neill #playboyheritage

@mariafernandanyc photographed by @wiissa0 for Nov/Dec 2018 pictorial 🌱

“I did my first photoshoot when I was 14. They wanted to dye my hair blonde with streaks of red and orange— very futuristic. I said, ‘Let’s do it. Whatever it is!’ I went to school the next day and got sent right back home— literally, walk in, walk out.” June 2019 Playmate @theyolimarlara photographed by @anadiasphotography

June Playmate @theyolimarlara photographed by @anadiasphotography 🌿

“Still the biggest obstacle is appreciating—and incorporating—each gender’s uniqueness into society...we need to learn to benefit from women’s, men’s and transgender people’s individual voices.” September 2016 Playmate @kellybellyboom photographed by Chris Heads

An outtake from Marilyn Cole’s PMOY ‘73 photoshoot with Alexas Urba #playboyheritage

Love means nothing on the hard court 💔🎾 May/ June 2017 pictorial featuring @jessimbengue photographed by @jenniferstenglein

“I may never want to be a spokesperson in a huge way, but honestly, being truthful and authentic sets a great example. To continue on a path of fulfillment and happiness is going to make people feel like they too can have that and it doesn’t need to be some spectacle.” @tylerjblackburn in Playboy’s Gender and Sexuality Issue. Read the full interview online or pick up a copy at newsstands on June 18th! #tylerblackburn Photographed by @grahamdunn

“As I got older, I realized good sex is when you really have something between the two of you. It’s not just a body. The more I’ve realized that, the more able I am to be settled in my sexuality.” @tylerjblackburn in Playboy’s Gender and Sexuality Issue. Read the full interview on or pick up the issue at newsstands on June 18th! #tylerblackburn Photographed by @grahamdunn

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