Sam Smith

Yesterday was a good day xx

Last night of being 26 ❤ Miss you all x

Rest in Peace Calamity x

Well this made my day. Honoured to be on your cover again @BritishGQ 🖤 Thank you to the incredible @louiebanksshoots and @luke_jefferson_day

My anxiety has been really intense the last few days and my friend sent me this video and it has cheered me up so much!! Whoever you are, I wish we could’ve met last night!! You are wonderful xx thank you for coming to the show 😭❤️


I love this picture so much it hurts. You look so beautiful girls xx @ntyantyambo.sikali #johannesburg #thethrillofitall

Just sitting in the sun having a coffee and a bacon sandwich with my sister and my dad, and a lovely girl just came and gave me flowers!! So sweet!! There are some lovely humans in this world

This drink tasted like the bottom of an orange Calippo. So boom

BOGOTÁ. I am in a deep love affair with you and with Colombia. I’ve had so much fun here. So much amazing food and wine. Danced all night last night and I don’t want to leave!!!!!!! Thank you so much for this experience xx

Altitude swag

The end.