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Crait: Home to crystal foxes, abandoned Rebel outposts, and rich minerals (especially salt). ( #StarWarsFanArt by @JungSenarak.)

On this day in 1999, Star Wars: #ThePhantomMenace debuted in cinemas across the galaxy. What’s your favorite moment from the film?

Grandfather (and son). An early Kylo Ren concept art exploration by Christian Alzmann.

“We are brave, your highness.” Padmé Amidala disguises herself as a handmaiden in this ombréd travel gown look.

Lightspeed to #D23Expo! Jon Favreau and James Earl Jones will be honored at this year’s event as 2019 Disney Legends. @disneyd23

How tall is Chewbacca compared to other Star Wars characters? Swipe through for a look:

Happy birthday to The Maker himself, George Lucas!

#MondayMotivation from a Resistance hero.

Sending many birthday wishes (and hugs) to General Hux himself, Domhnall Gleeson!

A master of manipulation, First Order Security Bureau member Agent Tierny, meets the Colossus’ skilled mechanic, Tam Ryvora. #StarWarsResistance

Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa work together to escape from the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt in our newest #GalaxyOfAdventures short, now on Star Wars Kids.

Do you know some of Warwick Davis’ many appearances in the Star Wars films? Use our handy guide:

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