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I gave the Daniels Family a half a million dollars to give to deserving people. We can watch how they spent it together. Don’t miss the premiere of @DoGoodDaniels on Tuesday!

Happy Friday #EV1.

If contact highs are a thing, I’m gonna need someone to drive me home. @snoopdogg

My audience comes ready to slay.

Snoop. Plus flute. Equals Snoop Flute. It happens tomorrow. @snoopdogg

Everyone is talking about @JLo’s daughter’s beautiful voice, but nobody is talking about mine.

@comiclonilove is in the house, and she’s got a new boyfriend.

Things got a little wild while I was out today. #repost @sir_twitch_alot ・・・ Today on @theellenshow, myself and @comiclonilove make some new animal friends!

The Hurd Family is one incredible hurd of dancers.

@KunalkarmaNayyar talked about his last word on the #BigBangTheory.

Tomorrow, @sir_tWitch_alot is my guest host, and @kunalkarmanayyar is my guest host’s guest. You don’t wanna miss this.

Jerry is a big #BuzzlightYear fan... which is hard for @TomHanks. #ToyStory4

The end.