#JusticeforSandraBland #UsOrElse

Why struggle to fit in,when you were born to stand out? #KingsThoughts👑

Don’t know who needs to hear this but.... Here’s some Words to live by. Thx to Big DW.

My baby So Solid,So early.... & Already Rollin’....✌🏽👍🏽TMC🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁 #LongLiveNeighborhoodNip🔷🔵💙♿️ RP: @onlyheiress

Catch US tonight on #FriendsandFamilyHustle @tamikadmallory @mysonnenygeneral & a host of other True Community Leasers hold a roundtable discussion about why it is and will be Fuck @gucci @prada @moncler @burberry and others who disrespect and disregard the heritage & buying power of our people!!!!! Tonight!!!! @vh1

🕐🕑🕒🕔🕙🕝🕝🕜🕛🕗🕡🕦 Time Will Tell 6.7.19

So proud of my Sweet Baby Deyjah. Her graduation from High School only symbolizes her ability to rise to any and all occasions,overcome all adversities & step proudly into the next phase of her journey. You are a true vision of Love, Honor, & Respect. I adore you in every way and I’m so proud to witness all of your growth. Always knew you could do anything you set your mind to. This is just the beginning. Enjoy your moment. You worked hard for it & you deserve all the recognition & acclaim you tend to shy away from. With All my love,For All my Life!!!! - Pops

This is Disgusting! You both are vile despicable, poor excuses for people. My expectations have already decreased so much for mankind in the past couple weeks that this hardly surprised me... especially from @foxnews But rest assured that sooner than later you’ll BOTH see... WE ALL GET OUR TURN TO LIVE THROUGH OUR OWN PERSONAL TRAGEDY... and watch how many people dance in the streets,laugh and crack distasteful inappropriate jokes when it’s YOUR TURN!!!! Karma is constant & the laws of reciprocity ARE IN ORDER!!!! Neither of you WILL EVER know or experience the level of love, appreciation and respect that Nip has... EVEN IN DEATH!!! So let that sizzle in ya lil hateful,demonic spirits. And with that... I’m logging off IG at least a month or so... 🖕🏽

Historical Moments. A Royal send off for a King 👑 #RIPNip👑💙🏁


True Westside Atlanta Legends. KING👑 & Big Game🎲

“Perfect day for Eggshell Alpaca...”

Ermias = God Will Rise The Marathon Continues Rest Easy King.🙏🏽👑🏁

The end.