Twan Kuyper

WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE “I like to create" MANAGER • @Real_Gari Agency : CAA HOW TO GET OVER A BREAK UP w/ Lele 👇🏼

I miss Paraguay 🥰

When you don't like to be tickled 🤣😡w/ @lelepons @directedbystro

Good morning 🙃

Happy Mother's Day to the most amazing woman in my life ❤️

Just be honest 😎😫 w/ @ashleynocera @directedbystro

YES I sing in my car. YES I know you can see me. NO I don't care. 😂❤️

What car rides be like 😜 w/ @lelepons relatable ?

Do you think I could pull off glasses?

Catching up with @ritaora 🙂

Everytime I see a new puppy 😂🙈 w/ @lelepons

Look at things with a different perspective 🤗

Don't forget life is amazing love ya

The end.