Featured on soft silks, the heritage Le Pop Classique print is reinterpreted in an incandescent color palette. Discover all the looks from the #MFW runway on the link in bio. #VersaceSS20

On the runway, animalier motifs are presented on plush materials, mixed textures and light metallic fabrics. Watch the #VersaceSS20 fashion show at the link in bio. #MFW

From the #MFW runway: denim, tie-dye and logo eyewear. Discover more at the link in bio. #VersaceSS20

Leather pants with metal eyelets are paired with checkered knits and biker-inspired accessories. See all the looks at the link in bio. #VersaceSS20 #MFW

Versace iconography is embraced through a nod to 1990s culture, paying homage to The Prodigy, the British band accredited to the rave movement. Discover more through the link in bio. #VersaceSS20 #MFW

A reinterpretation of an archive print depicting the Roman god Bacchus - the motif has been hand-repainted in a bold silhouette by @andy.dxn. See all the looks at the link in bio. #VersaceSS20 #MFW

In the #VersaceSS20 Men's Collection, intentionally oversized silhouettes evoke the spirit of adolescence. Light metallic separates feature heritage prints in bright color. See more details at the link in bio. #MFW

For the #VersaceSS20 Men's Collection, heritage prints are layered and paired with Safety Pin enriched accessories. A closer look at the show through the link in bio. #MFW

The Seven Vessels print exploring themes of opulence and decadence was created in collaboration with painter @andy.dxn. The motif is featured on light, metallic fabrics and styled with silk accessories and colorful visor sunglasses. See more at the link in bio. #VersaceSS20 #MFW

Fringed leather jackets are paired with denim featuring printed emblematic Versace fragrances on the #MFW runway. Discover more #VersaceSS20 details through the link in bio.

#VersaceSS20 formalwear: @bellahadid wears structured, crystal-enriched tailoring with matching sparkling lingerie and signature Medusa jewelry. See all the runway looks at the link in bio. #MFW

@irinashayk wears a crystal-embellished animalier print mini dress on the #VersaceSS20 runway. Watch the show at the link in bio. #MFW

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