Will Smith

New playground. Same kid from West Philly.⁣⁣⁣

#Aladdin Premiere was CRAZY!! The movie is out tomorrow. Y’all are gonna Love it. Thanx, @djkhaled. This Track is Hotness. Shout out @cache_bunny @ari_fararooy Editing Skillz On Point! :-)

Yoooooo! Crosswalk The Musical airs today! Lemme tell U... it’s the MOST FUN I’ve had in 6 months!! @j_corden is a Crazy Ass Genius! Y’all are gonna Love It. #aladdin

Hey Elon Musk, can you make Bigger Clocks in the next Tesla so @c.syresmith can be on time for my next premiere? #aladdin 📹: @westbrook

11 Days... 6 Countries... 1 Hot Movie 🎥 #aladdin Out This Friday! See the whole journey on my YouTube channel. Link in Bio 📹: @westbrook

#Aladdin Premiere was last night. The Movie is SPECTACULAR!! Can’t wait for y’all to see it.

A Korean journalist made me this gift. It’s called an Okssae (Royal Seal). It’s a stamp of my Name in Korean. But... keep it 💯... It looks like @iamjamiefoxx, Right? #aladdin

Playing Rub My Lamp on @theellenshow today which I haven’t played since high school. #aladdin

Repost @jadapinkettsmith ・・・ If you don’t get yo’ a*# in that box! It is not that serious😆😆😆 Who is this in your life? This is definitely a Willow and Jada moment. We’ve taken turns with each role lol✨

@tomo.y9 Welcome to IG! And Thanx for the Japanese lesson. Yall Check out my Man. He’s a Beast! #yamapi

Genie Meetup - Tokyo Edition. My dude on the left got a little Yoda-Genie thing happenin’. #aladdin 📷: @jas

The end.