Zara Larsson

All The Time

It was hot af yesterday so I put on as little clothes as possible. And then my top broke. The universe literally wanted me to strip. omg hahaha the last Pic is like when youre dreaming you went to school without pants (I HAVE PANTS!!! THEYRE GREEN AND YOU JUST CAN'T SEE THEM ON THE BLACK AND WHITE LOOOOOL) @johannapetterssons


Firenze rocks! Captured by @johannapetterssons

All The Time 🌈 out June 21st. Pre save in my bio!!!

I’ll be there when the day comes

#ABrandNewDayOutNow its here!!! Omg I remember when I had to lie in an interview when they asked if I had a k pop collab coming up because I didn't wanna spoil the secret. A girl from Sweden with 2 boys from Korea and a producer from the UK. It's really BTS WORLD. Now I can finally tell you guys about it!!! Thank you @bts.bighitofficial and @the_mura_masa the track is SIICCKKK and so are you. Honoured to be a part of this. Love you 💕

Washington DC #pride with @hot995 photos by @eeveebitch 👏🏼

Did my make up on the plane and it went GREAT 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

2 years with this special bean. I love you 🥂

Call someone you love

Lisbon day 2!!!! Shot by @johannapetterssons

The end.